Tiger Tale – March 13th

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Wednesday after school the Grissom Robotics Team hit the road! Heading toward Little Rock, Arkansas, for the first of two FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Regionals this year, the caravan included 13 students, 4 mentors and 2 Teachers. The team chose as a group to attend “Rock City” Regional to bond as a team and prepare for the “Rocket City” Regional in Huntsville the weekend after spring break.

Thursday was a day of work, the team spent their time working on the robot, the Team, and the “Pit,” which was home base. They also practiced on the field to test the different features of the robot that were specialized to complete many of the challenges of this year’s Game: “STEAMWORKS.” The challenges include collecting and delivering gears, shooting “fuel” into a “boiler,” climbing a rope, and driving around defensively.

The Qualification Rounds began Friday morning and finished up Saturday at lunchtime. The team made many modifications to the robot and greatly improved its performance, and in the end ranked 28th of 51 teams from 12 states. And right before the teams split for lunch,  as the top 8 Teams formed Alliances for the Finals, Grissom Robotics was chosen to be on Alliance 4! In this alliance, we won 2 Quarterfinal rounds, and won 1 of 3 Semifinal matches- the furthest Team 3319 has ever gone at a robotics competition!

Mrs. Kelley & Mr. Sheehan are SO proud of the way the Team worked together! Great job, Drive Team, Pit Crew, Mentors, Parents, Marketing Team & Safety Captain!

If you are interested in coming to the local robotics competition it is March 23 to March 25, 2017 at the Von Braun Center.

You can view the event as a webcast at www.robotics.nasa.gov .

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